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                Beware of the Scams! Elite does double takes

You can't work with or around CPA's without coming into contact with the IRS.  As an accounting professional, I've worked audits, consulted with clients, handled the IRS on behalf of clients and more.  There are some places that advertise the things that they can do.  Be careful, some places over promise and under deliver. 

Elite provides real tax answers and solutions.  Elite will gladly review  past tax years and provide the best assistance possible.  

                                DIY ISN'T THE BEST OPTION

There was a time when refund loans were out of control and tax clients were leaving money on the table and tax preparers were taken more money than they should from clients.  However, those days are long gone. 

The economy has shifted, rumors are running wild and with so many accepting positions that provide them with a 1099 rather than W-2 employment, it's crucial to allow the professionals to do what they do best, prepare taxes! 

Doing it yourself leaves too many opportunities for errors and to leave money on the table.  Elite Expert Tax Services works smart, not hard! Their reach is wide and using apps taxes can be prepared quickly, easily and without a tax client having to take off work to handle their tax preparation.