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  1. DOCUMENTATION IS EVERYTHING!  Whether it's expansion your company desires or protecting yourself from the IRS, it's all about documentation, the timing of it as well as it's validity.

    Professional Bookkeeping services can be your greatest weapon against audits as well as the key to taking your business to the next level!

  2. Whether you like numbers or not, numbers can and do tell everything about your business.  Numbers tell you whether your business is growing or not, if you are moving into the right direction or not and helps one decide if it is time for expansion or not. 

    Consulting following your monthly bookkeeping is the analysis of your numbers.
    How well is the company doing? 
    Is the budget set in tact?
    Should adjustments be made?
    Is the Cash in the bank really profit?
    Is the advertising working?

    Numbers talk, Elite will help you interpret exactly what your numbers are saying!

    Allow the Queen "B" to help you do what you do, BETTER!
  3. Bookkeeping is like visiting the general physican one would visit on a regular basis.  You receive a checkup, you find/identify areas of improvement and monitor the progress of your health.  It is required to go through the general physican BEFORE you see a specialist. 
    It is here, prescriptions are provided.

    Having a CPA, is  like having a specialist, he or she provides advice on taxes, tax savings and you visit them annually.  Annual results are not enough to run a business and receiving numbers the following year doesn't help one change, grow or improve your business in the current year.


    ~~Don't underestimate the empowering of professional bookkeeping!~~

    ​Queen "B" of Doing Business Better

    Professional Bookkeeping = Better Books

    STOP GETTING NUMBERS AT THE END OF THE YEAR when you can change nothing! Receive progress monthly, it's the way you stay in Business and Business Successfully!

  5. "What is your time worth?  Are you spending time performing tasks that you could pay someone $12, $18 an hour to perform?  If you're the visionary, the owner, the founder, wouldn't your time be better spent meeting potential investors, training of sales staff and other things that can only be done by you, the owner? 

    Bookkeeping services are that support function critical for maintaining & improving revenues and expenses, it is a support department but it is never optional!​​"

                 ~~~Employ the 80/20 rule of business by Elite Expert ~~~

    Kimberly Davis, Consultant & Owner

 About​ Elite Expert Business Solutions
Elite Expert is a business solutions company that provides a full service accounting department for the entrepreneur/small business owner.  Providing Bookkeeping services is a support function but it is not optional function for the successful entrepreneur.  Elite knows that most entrepreneurs cannot afford to hire a full accounting department so Elite provides it for the entrepreneur giving them the benefits and competitive edge of a large company on the budget of their small business.

Meeting your company's business needs, Exceeding your company's business expectations!

3 Things, Elite Expert Offers that Your Company Must Have....

If you understand the basic needs to secure professional Bookkeeping Services and I'm hoping by now you do, The Queen "B" of doing Business Better aka Elite Expert Business Solutions  is the right choice for your business!

Time is money!  You cannot afford to miss or waste either of those, your time or your money.  As an Entrepreneur, you know this and we understand this!  To make money you spend 80% of time doing what makes YOUR Company money and 20% handling the thorny issues of your business by outsourcing to Elite Expert Business Solutions.  


NEVER underestimate the power and/or need for consulting services in business.  Your expertise is your business, your industry! Elite Expert expertise is the financial structure, organization, administration and future of your company.  Using real time data (accurate numbers provided in a timely fashion) Elite works with management to improve business decisions!
Elite Expert Virtual Reach

Elite works smart not hard!  Using technology to the fullest extent, Elite's reach is not limited by the location of your business!

Through online software as well as secured apps, Elite is able to not only provide services to diverse industries but in divers areas as well. 
Call us today and began doing business better!


Elite Expert,  Business Solutions Center of Services

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       Bookkeeping Services

                                      Payroll Services

                      Human Resources

From something as simple as entering a receipt for of or from a purchase and categorizing it properly to the implementation of systems for accounts payable, posting of receivables, reconciling of bank & credit card accounts; these functions are crucial to the managing of expenses and the reporting of revenues timely, efficiently and effectively.  
Many small business owners overpay for payroll services, some fail to keep up with the dates for tax reporting, others fail to explore options that could be better for their company due to fear and lack of knowledge.   All or any one of those situations can cost your company money.  Elite explores all the options, is designed to support small business owners and their employees and still offer premium services: direct deposit into multiple accounts, garnishments etc..
Human resources are one of the most valuable resources a business has and it can be the most costly as well as the most difficult to manage and maintain. Elite has experience in recruiting in a diversity of industries and to maintain their edge collaborates with professionals to provide the best of the best to the best companies, large or small.  
Turnovers, training as well as lack of preparation can cost a company thousands.  For one company, Elite saved them $16k in unemployment taxes by just implementing an Employee Handbook.

Advisory & Consulting


               Employee Training

NEVER underestimate the power of advisory and consulting services.  Every business owner should appreciate the value of having another professional provide insight, and a view from the oustide of your company. Elite understands this concept and offers advisory/consulting services for diverse industries.  From the creating and implementation of systems for structure, deciding whether or not to incorporate, to money meetings reviewing the financial reporting with your company, Elite works to provide solutions for your business challenges.

Understanding is everything!  There are a lot of questions that entrepreneurs have and it can be quite intimidating as an entrepreneur.  There a challenges, obstacles, trial & error that occur in building your business, every now and then you need encouragement, fresh ideas and motivation!

The best employee requires training, he or she may know how to perform basic requirements but real employee training is about developing a mindset.  As a small business owner, you need professionals that are empowered, that think on their feet and makes decisions that benefit the company.  Elite's training techniques accomplish these goals.
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